Thursday, May 24, 2012

Textbook writer for KSSR Year 4 sought by DBP

Photo: Ad from The Star
I saw this advert in The Star that DBP is looking for writers for the 2014 KSSR textbooks in various subjects. I'm only interested when I see the subjects they are planning to write textbooks for. The list goes like this: BM, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Studies, Physical Education, Health, Maths, Science, Information Technology and Communication, Design and Technology, History, Visual Art and Music. Official list given by MOE here. So many subjects compared to my time in primary school and they are preaching about how to reduce school bag weight (must be dreaming with the list of new subjects coming up). Just reduce the subjects! What is the difference between Information Technology and Communication with Design and Technology? Is one ICT and the other engineering related? There are no details as the interested applicants are suppose to follow the standards which are only available to certain people. I

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This list is for SK, so SJK (C) will usually have about the same subjects in Mandarin in addition to BC. So my poor girl will have to study Sejarah when she goes to Year 4 in 2014. Hopefully before that, someone will overturn this poorly made decision to make Year 4 students study Sejarah and the Malaysia constituency. Accusing the young of being unpatriotic is not excuse to burden them with more fact-cramming subject in school. Why not leave the History and Constituency topic to secondary students who can better grasp the concept than pitiful 10-year-olds. Why even in the Year 1 and Year 2 BM textbooks they already insert topics about the PMs and their long distinguished names. Poor parents who try to coach our kids. Even I cannot remember the full names of the PMs with their many titles.

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